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Be a Thought Recycler

We all care about the environment don’t we? We don’t want to mess it up and so we work really hard keeping it clean and tidy.  We manage our waste and rubbish well getting rid of what we don’t want and recycling what we can.

But what about ourselves? If only we could manage our thoughts the way we manage our rubbish and waste.

If you could recycle your rubbishy thoughts the way you recycle your actual rubbish what kind of a difference would that make to you?  Go on, give it a go, recycle your thoughts, turn them around, change them, improve them, make them bigger and better.  Recycle your negative thoughts – turn them in something more positive and beneficial.

Your mind, after all is like most of your rubbish – it’s plastic.  That means it malleable – you can bend it, shape it and change it.  Go on, do it now – be a mind recycler.

Enjoy your day.


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