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The Thrive Programme

“Habits of thinking need not be forever.  One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think”.
                                                                                                      Martin Seligman

The Thrive Programme is about recognising and responding to strengths, values and the individual’s determination to live a truly healthy, happy and successful life.  It focuses on:

  • Your present and future life (not the past).
  • What you want (not what is wrong with you).
  • Your capacity to change and create for yourself a life that is free of psychological and emotional pain.

It does this through a structured programme of study in which you will learn to achieve the goals you set for yourself.  The Thrive Programme is fun, informative and highly effective – it quite literally teaches you to THRIVE!

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What is thriving?

When a person is thriving, they have the psychological skills, resources, awareness and self-insight needed to flourish in every area of their lives.  Those who thrive have the ability to live a life free of specific symptoms including emetophobia.  Thriving individuals are not perfect, nor do they aim to be so but they are excellent – they are excellent at dealing with the difficulties and challenges of life.  Those who thrive have the ability to bounce back quickly from adversity – they are, in other words, RESILIENT.  Those who thrive enjoy good relationships, enjoy good physical and emotional health, enjoy learning and the process of change.  Thriving individuals, don’t avoid or seek safety from the difficulties of life – on the contrary, they engage with life!  And you too can learn to live a life free of emetophobia – you can learn to THRIVE!